ETRC Standings:

Antonio Albacete: 2nd

Javier Mariezcurrena: 13th

2011 Entrants: 42

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Ultra Engineering welcomes you to our website. In it you can see our products and services in the world of racing as in the industrial sector. Similarly you can find services provided to customers prior to guarantee our work and seriousness. We hope that navigating the site you will enjoy it and find in it the information you need.

Who are headed ours products?

Who needs a safe value in  Motor Soprt Competition. Our specialty is the installation, configuration and interpretation of data acquisition systems.
We also conduct monitoring system applications in industrial processes with the aim of reducing costs.
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We are available to solve relatively minor problems that may arise during the use of its data acquisition system..

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Whatever your need, our technicians will find an appropriate solution. And if does not exist in the market, we develop for you.

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To have a team of professionals, backed by great successes in the field of motorsport and industrial sector.