ETRC Standings:

Antonio Albacete: 2nd

Javier Mariezcurrena: 13th

2011 Entrants: 42

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Data Acquisition for Competition

Data Acquisition for Competition  Our range of products ranging from karting, through rallies and circuit racing. Look at the products that we present illustrative purposes, and if you contact nostotros will offer the solution that offers the best compromise between price and performance
INITIATION                     From 995 € + VAT
The least you need to start the data acquisition experience and benefits.
Includes logger with 4 analog channels, RPM, wheel speed, lap beacon for comparison. Almost 2 hours of storage.
BASIC                           From 3950 € + VAT
Ideal for a kart, motor and mountain tops rise to resistance. Specially designed for teams with less budget to identify any mechanical problems and take action, thus saving money and time.
Includes wiring, logger with 6 channels analog, RPM, wheel speed, lap beacon for comparison and digital dashboard.
MEDIUM                    From € 10,950 + VAT
If you participate in national competitions, provide a data acquisition system is probably the turning point that marked the difererencia on yours closest competitors.
Includes wiring, logger with 10 analogue channels, multifunction dashboard, alarms, wheel speed, RPM, communication with the ECU and expandability.
ADVANCED                From € 16,950 + VAT
You want to compete to win. A data acquisition system of these features with their corresponding interpretation, will give that tenth that eludes him. Above all you will save time and money in reparations..
Includes wiring, logger expandable to 34 analog channels, sampling up to 500hz, 4 wheel speeds, communication with the ECU, dashboard graphics, dedicated accelerometers and sensors to measure.
Each team is special. And yours is no less. Need a particular benefits and has not yet found the staff and equipment to suit your needs. We'll make a personalized study of your case and propose an agreed solution.

Data Acquisition for Monitoring

The competition is the best laboratory for the day. We move our industry experience. Through the implementation of process monitoring systems in industrial facilities, we can make your business more productive.. 

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Whatever your need, our technicians will find an appropriate solution. And if does not exist in the market, we develop for you.